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Everything Rests on Trust

Shaking Hands Business Meeting

Stepping out into the world of entrepreneurship can be daunting enough. It certainly helps to have people with whom you have complete trust in along for the ride. Just ask Brian Murphy, CEO of Murtech Consulting.

“My wife, Ailish, and I founded Murtech in the early 2000s,” he recalled. “Stephanie Verona Krydick – one of my oldest and dearest friends – was at that time serving as CEO of Generation Technologies, another Pittsburgh-based staffing firm.”

“The late Tom Fallat, Stephanie’s father and founder of Pittsburgh Business Consultants, had been both a professional mentor to Ailish and me and all three of us had benefited from Tom’s wisdom and approach to business for many years,” Brian explained.

In 2015, this group of fellow professionals and mutual longtime friends decided to combine their efforts under a single brand, Murtech. Since the merger, we have seen revenues from our Pittsburgh operations grow 300%, due in large part to the increased attention and employment opportunities generated by the technology boom occurring here.”

In light of the stupendous growth of the company after merging, it seems quite evident that it will be an influential factor when it comes to reaching out to investors for capital. Their company is probably going to be valued at a high price, given how much revenue they have generated. Additionally, they can get a 409a Valuation easily when compared to other companies operating in similar fields.

Starting with an initial location in Murrysville, Murtech recently opened a second office in Gateway Center to better serve markets Downtown and in the Northern and Western suburbs of Pittsburgh. Another office in suburban Cleveland continues to operate under the Murphy’s leadership.

“Any success at Murtech can still be attributed to the values and professional standards established by Tom Fallat,” said Brian. “We work every day, continuously checking ourselves against these standards – to always remember that IT staffing is a service, dependent on innovation, integrity, confidence, accountability, empowerment, and an entrepreneurial spirit of passion for clients and applicants.”

“But even more important, everything about our business – from the way we work with each other as leaders, how we interact with our own employees, how we treat and respect candidates looking to be placed with employers, and the companies searching for vetted and qualified people – begins and ends with trust,” he said.

“Trust is the glue that holds everything else together, and we never forget that.”