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Don’t Let Millennials Fool You

Millenial at Coffee shop

If you’re a Baby Boomer or Generation-X leader working with Millennials, you may be searching for guidance on how to best communicate with this foreign generation. And you are not alone. Especially if the millennial generation you’re working with doesn’t speak the same language as you do, it can be even more confusing to get the point across. This might be where you could make use of a translation service like those offered by Global Translations UK (to know more, check https://global-translationsuk.com/). At least the language part could be sorted by professionals working in these companies.

Here’s the secret. People are starved for leadership – none more than those who may have not experienced it, or recognized it for what it was. But when they actually see and feel leadership they can trust, they flourish.

Conducting a successful business depends on interpersonal relationships. Some Millennials enter the workforce after experiencing a lifetime of surface-level contact and interaction with other people in a technology-centered existence. Managers older in age may not necessarily have come from that same technology driven framework and may not know how best to bring those new hires along. The result can lead to disappointing business results.

We recommend not buying into the Millennial stereotype. At its essence, this generation is no different than any other. They may be more tech-savvy, but they’re still young human beings trying to find their place in the world, like every other generation before them.

A sampling of what Millennials value most from their managers include:

  • They want a mentor or to be coached. They want some of your time.
  • They want to understand how their tactical duties fit into your strategic culture.
  • They want the ability to ask questions and know they will be listened to.
  • They want to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • They want the ability to use technology as much as possible.

Each of these “wants” falls under the mantle of leadership. In the end, it’s really quite simple – either you will lead Millennials or, eventually, they will find some other person or company that will.

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