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How to Keep Yourself Viable in the Engineering Job Market

Like all job markets, engineering has its troubles. Contrary to popular belief, having an engineering degree does not guarantee you a job. Open positions in this sector can sometimes be few and far between, and when you’ve landed one, it’s a pretty even toss of whether it’s either for life or for a short production…Read More

Helpful steps for success when navigating the employment landscape

Whether it’s because of taking time off, a career move, or an assortment of other challenges – here’s how to market yourself after time away from the eight to five life. Unemployed. This stings to write down on job applications or to admit in a job interview. The key to this trying period is to…Read More

How to be the Best Job Applicant

What if you could have a successful approach to any job interview? There are three main steps that are its foundation: preparation, presentation, and follow-up. The mantra of this approach is easy – be memorable. Preparation drives success. It was Winston Churchill who said “he who fails to plan is planning to fail.” The time…Read More