. IPad Migration Managed Services Case Study - Murtech Consulting

The Challenge

A large international cellular company needed to install new software on over 2500 in store point of sale iPads across the US. The project needed to be completed within a defined timeframe and required daily reporting of completed work, time and expenses for each contractor. To complete the work, over 200 IT Field Service Technicians were needed across all 50 states.

The Solution

Murtech’s Managed Services team worked with the client stakeholders to vet the software installation script and run pilot installs at a small group of stores. After the pilot, Murtech worked with our client to set a schedule for the installs and onsite expectations for our contractors. Murtech was provided with a large batch of thumb drives containing the software install that needed to be shipped to each contractor that we hired. Murtech’s recruiting team along with our operations team identified and hired the necessary amount of resources (over 200) to complete the project in three months. Murtech provided the client daily reports on work completed, time, expenses and schedule updates.

The Result

Murtech completed the project on time and successfully installed the point of sale software in time for the holiday season. Murtech resources were used post completion to provide ongoing service and support to high volume store areas. Murtech’s Managed Services team exceeded the client’s expectations and has been awarded more opportunity to provide services in other areas of the company.